Selecting The Right CNC Machine

Select Used CNC Machine


When looking for  the right Used CNC machine for your business, there are many factors to consider to select the right cnc machine. When looking into used cnc machines, there are other important factors that you may not need to consider when buying new. Below are some of the main factors to consider when purchasing a Used CNC machine.

1) What are your goals for the machine?

  • Even when buying a new machine, you will want to understand your goals of the machine to know what type will best fit for what you are looking for. If it is replacing another machine, will it be able to do everything the last machine was capable of? If so, do you want it do more or last longer? You will need to determine this before anything else.

2) What are the key characteristics?

  • After you have determined your goals, you can better evaluate the key characteristics required of your machine. This may include things like, number of axes, use of a specialized spindle, movement speeds, mechanical movements, tooling requirements and more. Understanding your goals of the machine and key characteristics needed will help you narrow down what you are looking for.

3) What has this machine cut before? What do you expect it to cut?

  • If you are looking to buy a Used Haas CNC Lathe to cut metal, you will probably want not want to buy a wood lathe, rather look for one that has cut metal in the past.

4) Understand the machines history.

  • When buying used, it is critical to understand the history of the machine. Questions like, how long has the machine been in operation? Has the machine had past owners? Do you have the service records of the machine? Are all valuable questions to ask, and if you are using a machinery dealer, they can help to get the answers for you and come up with more questions for the seller. By using a machinery dealer you trust, you can help ensure you are getting all of the right information.

There are many other factors you may want to consider, like warranty,inspection, space requirements and serviceability. Using a CNC machinery dealer to sell can help protect you by asking the right  questions to help you select the right CNC machine. If you would like help with additional questions to ask about your machine purchase, please contact us.