Listing Your CNC Machine for Sale on ebay

If you are looking to sell cnc machines, listing the machines for sale on ebay is one route people may choose to go. There are certain pros that listings your machine on eBay will bring, but of course there are negatives as well. Our goal of this article is to walk you through the pros and cons of selling your cnc machines on ebay, as well as critical steps on how to do so.


Reach - The main benefit and number one reason many people choose to sell on ebay is the wide reach of the platform. Ebay has buyers around the world purchasing on their platform every day, being able to immediately start reaching their audience is a major benefit. Additionally, if you ran a search for Used Haas Machines for sale, ebay was likely one of the first results that came up organically. If you were to sell on your own, it would be very tough to compete with this.

Trust - Some people feel comfortable purchasing through ebay, because they feel they can go directly to ebay if they have any issues.

Seller Tools - Ebay does provide sellers a lot of information and tools to better sell their items. Whether it is reporting, webinars on optimizing listings or using Paypal to accept payments, there are many ways ebay works with sellers to seamlessly sell.


  • Time - One of the biggest cons of selling on your own through ebay is the amount of time that goes into it. From initial store setup (takes a long time), to setting up your terms and conditions, shipping instructions, responding to inquiries and more you will spend a lot of time trying to sell your machine. If you are a business owner, or work on the machine regularly, what is your time worth? While you have a full time job, it may not be worth trying to list on your own.
  • Their Terms - Even though ebay does offer some flexibility, you still are selling on their platform so have to follow their terms. If your machine sells through another outlet, and you do not remove if from eBay before someone purchases, you can be charged fees or even have to find a way to replace it. Additionally, if there are certain specs even slightly wrong, a buyer can request a refund. With out having the personal tough, like other outlets, this can make it very complicated to list and sell your machine.  Making a mistake can lead to your account being suspended and all your set up time being wasted.
  • Fees - Depending on the type of store you have and listing you are creating, you will have fees that can add up. Here is an article on ebay seller fees.  

  • Below are the steps you will need to take to sell on ebay.

    1. Create an account at, assuming you do not have one.
    2. Sign up for a seller account, assuming you do not have.
    3. Go to the sell section of your account, to start listing your machine.
    4. Start to type out the item you are trying to sell and a list will appear of recommendations.
    5. Go to create a new listing and add in your machines condition.
    6. Add a clear and descriptive title to your listing.
    7. Add clear and detailed photos to your listing.
    8. Add as many details as possible to the description section, so buyers have all of the information they need.
    9. Choose other information, such as listing type, shipping details and other terms. Make sure everything is accurate before you list.

    If you are looking to list your used cnc machines for the first time on ebay and would like our help in selling your machine or discussing other options, please contact us. We are happy to help you sell in any way we can.